Important: Keep Hydrated This Summer


5-Gallon Water Bottle Storage Rack, ChromeMy cousin is an office manager for a team of salt-minors just outside of Barstow, CA. If you know anything about that part of Southern California, it is one of the hottest, unforgiving climates in the country. For a point of reference, it is about 50 miles from Death Valley.

Summers in Barstow can get up into the 100’s, meaning it is very important for the team of minors to stay hydrated at all times, especially because they are performing hard manual labor. Just a week ago, they had a scare when one of the guys passed out from heat stroke. He ended up being ok, but my cousin wanted to be sure that nothing like this ever happened again.

He likes to keep them well hydrated with their filtered water dispenser filling up bottles of water, but even with the water bottle delivery guy coming every single day, one bottle just does not last through the day. They used to have two water bottles and just hoped that it would make it through the day. Most of the year, it does – but on this occasion it did not.

They decided to increase their water bottle usage to four bottles, playing it safe. The only issue was that it became very difficult to keep the small office organized with a bunch of bulky water bottles lying around. My cousin came to me for some sort of solution to the water bottle organization crisis.

I recommended using a metal rack to stack them up on their sides, which really cut down on the amount of space they take up. The 5-Gallon Water Bottle Storage Rack, Chrome offered just that and the right amount of storage for their bottles.

Now, obviously this is a pretty extreme case. But it is important to stay hydrated in the office while working, especially in the summer and in places that it gets very hot. If you have a large staff or live in a particularly hot place, it is probably a good idea to have a few bottles on hand, and a water bottle rack is the perfect way to organize them!


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