Coffee Makers – A Back To School Money Saver


Farberware Stainless 2-4 Cup Percolator“I never drink coffee at lunch. I find it keeps me awake for the afternoon” – Ronald Reagan

Perhaps as the president of the United States, Ronald Reagan was able to find time to take a nice long afternoon nap, but as a returning college student, you know sleeping through Philosophy 322 is just not going to get the job done (or the degree earned!). For many students that are preparing to head back to college for the semester, a piping hot cup of Joe can be the perfect antidote to a monotonous Geology instructor with a penchant for using the scientific name of every mineral.

To get their fix, many college students simply purchase their brewed cup of rocket fuel from the snack bar or cafeteria. This is obviously a convenient way to get amped up in the morning, but relying on someone else for your coffee can often come with disastrous results.

Many times as a college student, you will be running late for class. This is often because you are exhausted from staying up way too late the night before and have slept right through the alarm. Not only are you running late, the urgency is compounded by a decided lack of caffeine pulsing through your blood stream. Instead of potentially arriving late to class with your jolt juice in hand – or arriving on time but in the misty haze of a caffeine-free Monday morning, be prepared ahead of time by brewing your own coffee in your dorm with an at-home coffee maker!

With your own coffee maker, you are able to truly be in control of your college destiny! My personal favorite coffee-maker brand is Bunn. As an ex-barista I can say that Bunn is the gold standard when it comes to coffee making quality. The Bunn 10-cup Coffee Maker is ideal for a college student, as it is able to produce around 50 ounces of coffee, perfect for drinking a cup or two while you get ready and having a cup to take with you to class, plus there will be a cup or so left over when you get back from class and need a little revival. Because it has a relatively short brew cycle of three minutes, even the most forgetful college student still has time to brew a batch.

For those that have a little more time on their hands, or at least are more efficient at organizing their morning schedule, a more gourmet method of coffee-making might be a better choice. The Farberware Coffee Percolator is able to make two or three cups of coffee, perfect for those that require less coffee or prefer a more hands-on approach to brewing coffee. It is also a great choice for the thrifty college student, costing about 1/3 of the Bunn Coffee Brewer and not needing filters to brew.

For transporting your coffee from the dorm to the classroom, every college student needs an Insulated Travel Mug. OXO has a great collection of travel mugs that are perfect for the on-the-go student. They provide a leak-free place to keep your piping hot libation, and are easy to carrying around and fit into the cup-holders of your car.

With this advice in hand, hopefully you can avoid that afternoon haze that is an inevitable part of the college experience, save some money and of course, enjoy some delicious coffee!


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  • January 17, 2013 at 10:12 am

    Good advice. Your own coffee pot saves you money in the long run–especially if it’s a gift, a hand-me-down, or if you split the cost with your roommates–and enables you to get that fast infusion of caffeine immediately after rolling out of bed.

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