3-2-1 Countdown to Fall


fall canningFor some reason, fall always feels like the beginning of a new year to me, even though the real New Year doesn’t happen for several months.

Most likely this is due to the fact that it is the beginning of the school year. But autumn is also signaled by the falling of leaves, cool breezes and the oh-so-subtle yet nevertheless apparent changing of the natural lighting all around us. As the shadows from trees get longer and the days get shorter, I am reminded that we are yet again easing our way into one of the sweetest, coziest seasons of the year.

And, just as we make New Year’s resolutions in January, I like to assemble a system of goals, aims and aspirations at the beginning of fall as well to take me through what is arguably the busiest time of year!

Here is my short list for ending 2012 on the right foot:

1. Canning – this is an absolute autumn-must for me. My mom and I get together for two days of canning. Everything from spiced apple rings to poached pears is on the menu this year. It is my favorite way to really kick off the season.

2. Say it with me, ladies: “I will NOT overschedule myself during the holidays”. I promise myself that during that ever-busy month of December, I will schedule no more than one event per weekend, and will leave one weekend entirely free from any obligations.

3. I will incorporate more walks into my days. Fall is such a beautiful time of year to take walks. Whether alone or with family, the health benefits (both physical and mental), cannot be overstated.

4. Soup. I will eat soup every day, looking up new recipes as I go along, because, well, there is just nothing cozier than a bowl of soup.

What will you be doing this fall? Leave a comment!

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