Summer Clothes Storage – It’s That Time of Year


Fall and summer clothes storageI don’t know about you, but I am so glad that this record-hot summer is has finally winded to a close. Okay, sure the weather is nice and the living’s easy – but honestly, is the weather really that nice? And is the living really that easy? With 100 degree temperatures and kids all over the house, it is nice to see a return to moderate climates and kid’s with backpacks lining up for the bus.

Well now we can finally “chill-out” because summer has ended, the kids are back at school, the MLB pennant race is heating up and our favorite football teams are back in action. And I do mean “chill out” quite literally – better get used to brisk evenings and chilly mornings! It’s time to ditch those board-shorts, maxi-dresses and tank-tops and get ready to stay warm.

Many of the most comfortable and stylish summer duds are made from lightweight, easily damaged material. The best way to keep clothes looking great through long periods without use is having the sturdiest storage possible. Despite popular belief, many summer-fashions carry over from year to year, so avoid having to re-buy your favorite blouse or shorts next summer by storing them safely and securely during the off-season.

Additionally, one way to avoid making spring cleaning a huge ordeal (trust me, future-you does not want to spend all of spring cleaning out the closets, basement and the attic) is to keep the winter messiness in check. It may seem easier at first to just stash your clothes in the upper shelves of your closet or in a big cardboard box in the attic, but come spring you will wish you did a better job organizing – the clean up is huge and often clothes get ruined being stored in this manner.

There are various ways to keep the clutter to a minimum during the fall months. In my next post I will go into greater detail about specific ways you can cut down on the mess that always seems to pile up during the fall and winter, as well as ways to keep your clothes looking great.

Did you look great this Summer? Make sure your clothes stay looking great until next year. Visit our Summer Clothes Storage Guide.


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