Taking The Stress Out Of Fall Travel


fall travelAs we approach the crisp, fresh days of fall and escape the sweltering sweatbox that is summertime, I know that I suddenly find myself looking to capitalize on my personal favorite season.

There are many ways to enjoy the fall – from apple-picking to cheering on my favorite college football team. There is something about the freshness in the air that makes fall the number one season for me.

One of my family’s annual fall traditions is to take a road-trip up through Upstate New York and into New England, looking at all the gorgeous fall colors.

Nothing is better than a road-trip in fall. When I was much younger I preferred to take summer road trips, but as I grew older and had a family of my own, I realized how much more enjoyable a fall road trip can be. Instead of your shirt sticking to your back because the AC isn’t working up-to-snuff, or because all the roads are under construction because, as the veteran road-tripper knows, summer is construction season on our nation’s highways.

Getting back to a fall road trip, what I love about the autumn months is the cozy nature of the season. Nothing is more enjoyable in my mind than driving for a few hours through mountain roads parking the car and wandering through a thick canopy of naturally beautiful fall colors, and then cozying up at the bed and breakfast to drink some hot cider and enjoy the crisp, cool air (okay, so maybe the football game is on too – not all modern conveniences are bad!).

Of course there are some set-backs to traveling during fall season – the looming holiday’s means people are in a hurry and out of patience. Additionally, the changing of the seasons can lead to some drastic and unforeseen weather issues. The best way to make the most of your fall traveling is to be totally prepared for the weather to be uncooperative, and to be as comfortable as possible so at least you are able to grin and shake your head at the Mondo-stressed out folks around you.

Fall travel can be hard: cold weather, longer lines & shorter tempers. Use our Fall Travel Guide to make sure you are traveling and comfortably (and calmly) as possible.