Winterize your Home – Part 1


winterize your gardenWinterizing your home, whether you rent or own, is as important (if not more so) than spring cleaning. As we all know, winter storms in any part of the country can cause damage to the home, and frankly much of it is preventable with the right plan of action. However, since fall has just begun, I thought it would be nice to ease into things, starting with what I think of as “the fun stuff” when it comes to taking care of the home in preparation for winter.

So let’s just start in my favorite place, the garden!

1. Remove all vegetables and annual plants that are clearly done and toss them in the compost heap. This will reduce the chance of pest and mold infestations.

2. Mulch: You will applaud your efforts come spring if you apply a layer of mulch now that is easy to pick up when planting season comes around again. Straw is my favorite, as it is organic and replaces nitrogen in the soil while it holds back weedy growth. Also, it is a cinch to rake back when you are ready to plant again.

3. Move Containers to get the most out of the sunlight that remains for the season. You may be able to ripen just a few more tomatoes or squashes if you move them into the changing sunlight.

4. In warmer areas, plant fall vegetables such as garlic, kale, chard and onions to enjoy all winter long. In colder areas, some of these vegetables can still work with the help of deep mulching and winter blankets during frost periods.

5. Bulbs – Now is a great time to plant bulbs for spring, such as daffodils, tulips and more. Check with your local nursery on best bulb planting practices for your area.
Stay tuned… Next week we will get started on the “real work” of winter home preparation.

Winter is coming! Make sure your home is ready for the winter months. See our Winterizing Guide.


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