Summer Clothes Storage 101


summer clothes storageOne of the most well-known and oft-recited laws in the world of fashion is, “Never wear white after Labor Day”. Of course, this strict rule of thumb begs the question: Where does one keep all of those white garments during the fall and the winter?

While some fashionistas are blessed with walk-in closets that provide ample amounts of space to store your off-season outfits, the vast majority of us have to make do with what we have and find a way to squeeze those out-of-season duds into what available space we have left.

There are a wide variety of ways to maximize your clothes-storing space around the home; some of them are efficient while others actually can end up wasting space. This post will go in-depth on three ways to keep your clothing neat, organized and secure during the fall and winter months.

First off, the simplest and most pedestrian way of storing and organizing clothing: the plastic clothes hanger. These inexpensive yet ubiquitous items are the “pawns” of the clothes-storing world. Hangers are very important to keep everything organized, but you are certainly not going to shed a tear if one of them snaps in half and is lost forever. In fact, as I was putting away my summer clothes recently, I noticed a great deal of them had broken during the summer under the extreme weight of my coats and jackets. So this year, instead of purchasing the same flimsy hangers from last year, I found giant plastic clothes hangers, which provide much more strength and have the durability to hold both your summer clothes and winter clothes.

Another tough item to find a space for during the fall and winter months is summer footwear. Flip-flops and Keens are perfect for the beach or a warm-weather hike, but when it starts to cool down, they are essential useless. One benefit of this footwear is that it is usually relatively compact, so storing all of it does not usually take up a lot of room in the home. The problem is there never seems to be a good place to keep them when they are out of use – in my house this almost always leads to the closet floor having a nice thick coating of flip flops. Using an under the bed shoe organizer is the perfect way to store these items and not worry about them cluttering your home.

For items such as bathing suits, dresses, skirts, shorts and other easily foldable clothing, a heavy duty 3-drawer storage chest is the best bet for storage. These chests are inexpensive and stack up well, perfect for loading up your closet shelves more efficiently. What I like about these chests over alternative clothing storage options such as under-bed storage is that it is still easy to get into the chest to pull out summer items for those times you do need them.

The best thing about all of these storage accessories is that you can re-use them during the summer to store your winter clothes! Use the heavy-duty hangers for your coats and jackets, the under-bed shoe organizer for boots, and use the 3-drawer chest for storing your mittens, scarves and beanies!

Did you look great this Summer? Make sure your clothes stay looking great until next year. Visit our Summer Clothes Storage Guide.


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