Tips for Game Day or Movie Night


game nightFrom must see movies to the big game, the fall is the perfect time to enjoy your home entertainment center. Forget the movie theater or sports stadium, why go out when you can have front row seats at home! Create a living room that is equal parts high tech and comfy, cozy and you’ll never want to go out again!

If fall means football at your house then you’re going to need some serious gear to make the most of the season. The key to successful night in is to make sure you don’t feel like you’re missing out on your movie theater snacks or stadium hotdogs. Serve homemade dip to keep hungry football fans satisfied. Keep everyone well feed and you’ll be sure to have happy guests no matter who wins. Whether you’re watching Monday night football with the family or inviting over all your friends, having a living room decked out for home entertainment will make your house the place to be!

For a cinema quality experience at home get creative and bring some of the movie theater to your living room. It’s not the movies without a bowl of fresh popcorn. An at home popcorn maker is a great way to make it feel like the movies. Keep favorite movies organized and on hand so it’s easy to find a movie worth staying in for. Add some plush blankets and pillows to the couch and you’ll have a home movie theater no cinema can rival. You can even have dinner and a movie at home with some pop up TV trays.

Everyone loves watching the big game on the big screen, but when it comes to all those electrical components like routers and DVD players look for a media center with lots of concealed storage so the mess of wires and cables stays concealed. Create an even more streamlined look by mounting the flat screen TV to the wall. A mount also makes it easy to reposition the TV without having to worry about knocking it over. It’s easy to keep everyone happy and entertained with a few simple additions to your living room!

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