Tips for a Fall Themed Party


fall dinner partyFall is one of my favorite times to entertain because you can draw so much inspiration from the natural surroundings. When planning a menu and decorating scheme for a fall bash, think about all the things we love about fall. The first thing that comes to mind? The changing of the leaves. Tree lined streets burst into vibrant flames of color and richness. The apples ripen and give us mouth watering tones of red and green. Pumpkin patches alongside the roadway create blocks of luscious orange. We trade in our bright, floral summer dresses for cozy sweaters in charcoal and chocolate colored knits.

Really, fall entertaining couldn’t be any easier if you look around for simple ideas. For a cocktail party, give the standard drinks a twist so that they’re a signature for fall. A sidecar becomes a FIG sidecar, or rather than serving the usual pale and dark ales, go with locally brewed pumpkin ale! Serve dishes with seasonal ingredients, like apple and Gorgonzola salad with maple dressing, golden potato cauliflower soup, or stuffed dates as an appetizer. Ask your grocer about what’s in season.

When I decorative for an autumn party, I try to go for a combination of cozy and chic. Because the light is low, I try to bring in as much ambient illumination as possible, using candles and accent lights. And what’s the best way to give your home a fall scent? Bake an apple pie! Your guests will feel warm, welcomed and their mouths will start watering as soon as they cross the threshold. Traditionally, people have used small orange pumpkins for decor. To achieve a more modern look, I use gourds and white pumpkins.

Like any party, a fall or holiday party requires the three basic ingredients: good food, good people, and good atmosphere. And everything that comes with fall is designed to meet those needs!

What do you use for fall themed party decorations?

Fall is a great time to entertain guests. Host a great party or intimate dinner with our Fall Entertaining Guide.


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