Oars Up! Holiday Cooking Time is Rapidly Approaching


fall cookingFall is officially here, and the holidays are just around the corner! Do you have all the tools and gadgets you will need in the kitchen to whip up your favorite meals? Now is a great time to organize those cupboards and take stock of what you have and what you will need. If you keep a detailed list on hand, you can take advantage of those great grocery store sales as they pop up over the next few months.

Get Your Kitchen in Order

Ha! I know, that sounds impossible and crazy to some of us, but really all you need to do (we’re easing into this, remember) at this point is to pull out that recipe box and find any of your must-have or go-to meals that require specific spices (cloves, cinnamon), canned goods (pumpkin), tools (turkey baster). Then make a list and keep it in your purse so that whenever you walk by a promotional item at the supermarket, you can refer to your list and see if you need that item.

Take Stock of Smaller Appliances

There are certain appliances that simply make this season of good eating a whole lot easier on you. The first is a slow cooker, and the second is a bread machine. Even if you don’t use them for entertaining, you will be so grateful for a hot meal when you come home from hours of Christmas shopping. Once you’ve got those covered, it’s time to treat yourself to a new appliance that will help make the holidays go even more smoothly.

Here are my Picks; each one is under $70:

· Panini Maker – great for use at Halloween or during those long afternoons of cookie-baking. The stainless steel design is a bonus.
· Carafe – this one holds 8 cups and has a modern design
· And the prettiest slow cooker award goes to the 3.7qt Slow Cooker by Kaloric (had to throw this one in because of the luscious red finish on its exterior)

Are you a foodie or aspiring chef? Check out our Fall Cooking Guide for all the right Cooking Tools.