These Are A Few Of My Favorite Blogs


awesomeOne of the benefits of my job is that I get paid to read blogs! 🙂

I though, today being Friday, I’d just share some of my favorite awesome blogs with you! I love these for their beauty, design ideas, and DIY tips on organizing and decor. Hope you enjoy them, too!
Beautiful pictures, great mix of content. Lots of color and design used in small spaces to make them feel like more. by Carmen Coker
Clean layout, pretty pictures, and all the organizing tips you’ll ever need. by Laura
Pretty blog with a nice mix of organizing tips and ideas for time and stuff, plus menu planning tips. by Marcia Francois
Thoughtful insights on organization and life management with an openness about her life experiences. by Thrifty Décor Chick Sarah
A thrift store queen after my own heart! She loves chic, creative, DIY décor on the cheap. by Melissa
Beautiful and inspiring pictures of home décor with helpful tips to get the same look and feel in your own home. by Holly Becker
Features different talented designers and their inspiring work along with color palette and design tips. by Jami
A beautiful life can also be an inexpensive one! An Oregon Cottage is a diary of the renovation of Jami’s small house to a charming country cottage. Lots of organic gardening tips and frugal living tips, too. by Ashley White
An eclectic mix of décor themes and design tips. by Wendy Hyde
Lots of shabby chic design ideas, tips and DIT projects. by John Trosko
In the words of Cristina Tudino of Self Magazine “John Trosko offers creative solutions for clearing cluttered spaces while spilling Hollywood habitués’ domestic obsessions.” by Alisa Lewis
A blog for modern moms. It covers all things fashion, design, food, travel, work, and of course family.

Feel free to share some of your favorite home and design blogs in the comments!


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