Incorporating Fall Colors into your Home Decor Scheme


fall decorOf all the seasons, fall has the most distinct, recognizable color palette, by far. It also happens to be one of the most soothing and user-friendly color palettes, a cinch to incorporate into one or more rooms of the home.

Whether you are wanting to make long-term changes to your room’s decor scheme or just simply want to get in the mood for autumn and the upcoming holidays, I’ve got some great picks and ideas for you!

Fall Decorating for Keeps (actually just semi-permanent):

** Paint – Fall colors are perfect for changing the look in the dining room or living room. Designer paint manufacturers like Behr make it easy with fall-themed paints like “falling leaves”, “fall mood” etc. For under $50 bucks you can easily paint a whole room and the soft colors work year-round for a soothing atmosphere in the home.

** Furniture – go big with an investment in a piece of furniture in a fall-friendly color. I like to start with an accent chair, like the Avenue Six Twilight Glen Chair in Twilight Red and build around it. You can even choose a paint color to match one of the hues incorporated into the chair.

** Curtains – Either purchase or make your own, using one of your favorite fall colors. There are even no-sew patterns widely available out there for beginning seamstresses and tailors. Complete the look with the Taylor 20 Piece Window Hardware Set which includes a curtain rod and glass finials in autumn colors.

Seasonal Decorating Pieces

** Area Rugs, Kitchen Rugs, etc – look for luscious, rusty reds, browns, oranges and yellows or simply go un-dyed for a natural look. This 2 Piece Mocha Alabama Jacquard Accent Rug Set has it all and includes two rugs for $36.99 – use them in the kitchen or bathroom for an autumn-like feel.

* Bath towels – swapping out simple accessories like bath towels is a great way to achieve a seasonal feel that can be changed again easily when spring comes. The Fiesta Copper Bath Towels are a great choice, featuring a rusty copper design.

Are you a fan of Fall colors? Take a look at our Fall Décor Guide for great ideas.


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