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fall road tripFor many people, the decision to hit the open road for a long road trip during the fall season can be a double-edged sword. As I mentioned before in my last post, there is typically less construction during the fall and the weather tends to be more bearable (as in the weather is not too hot – I’ll get into the reverse of this later on). On the other hand, there are quite a few drawbacks to traveling during the fall and winter months. Some of these include the likelihood of inclemently-cold weather and devastatingly brutal pre-holiday traffic in October and November – not to mention the typical issues you deal with on a road trip during any time of the year. For me, the best way to stay cool, calm and collected during a long road trip in the autumn season is to prepare ahead of time. I ensure all of the organizers and travel comfort items I need are packed away, a key to successful travel.

In my opinion, there is nothing more stressful on a road trip than realizing the back of your car has turned into a de-facto garbage dump of fast-food bags, soda bottles and candy-bar wrappers. The perfect way to ensure this kind of trash build-up does not occur is to use an auto litter bag. This organizational item is especially important for those that are transporting their children in the back seat – kids are notorious mess-makers, especially in the car. This bag gives them a convenient and easily accessible place to throw out their garbage. Another great tool for keeping the car manageable during a road trip is using a car entertainment organizer to fun toys and games within reach. With this organizer your children will be able to grab their own refreshments as you go – no more stopping to get a drink out of the trunk or reaching over into the back seat to find a snack.

The fall tends to be one of the more moist months in certain areas of the country, which unavoidably leads to muddy shoes, which track loads of dirty and grim into your upholstery. Attempting to drive long distances in a car with dirty, mud-covered carpet is an extremely frustrating and uncomfortable endeavor. The best way to avoid the stress of grimy car upholstery is by adding floor mats to block the dirt from ever reaching the carpet. The NFL 2-piece car mat set is a great way to get into the fall spirit and get your car ready for a long trip. You can support your favorite team from the gridiron and keep your car’s interior from getting destroyed.

With the colder weather also comes overnight frost, so avoid wasting time (and gas) using the defrost feature on your car just to clear the windows of frost. The heated ice scraper plugs into your cigarette lighter and is convenient and compact, allowing you to store it in the glove-compartment when unused. The long reach of the cord makes it a good accessory for RVs and campers as well.

Most importantly, being prepared for the worst-case scenario is a key to having a successful road trip. The peace of mind that you have a safety net keeps everyone‘s spirits higher. To be prepared in case of an emergency, it is highly advisable to keep a portable power station in the trunk of your car. With this compact generator you are able to create power for a few hours, which can be the difference between a disaster and a minor inconvenience when stuck in freezing conditions. It is also very important to have a first-aid kit handy and lots of water (even if it is cold out, this is very important).

So remember when you are out on the road this winter – drive safely, be prepared, and most importantly, remain calm when the weather (or other drivers) begin to make your life miserable.
Fall travel can be hard: cold weather, longer lines & shorter tempers. Use our Fall Travel Guide to make sure you are traveling and comfortably (and calmly) as possible.


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