Getting the Guest Room Ready for Holiday Visitors


sofa bedLet’s face it, most of us do not have a room that is dedicated just to guests. More often than not, our guests are sharing a space with a computer, a treadmill, toys, or some combination of those items.

During the holidays in particular, guest-stays tend to be longer and you want them to be comfortable, assuming you want them to come back, of course.

Here are solutions to some common problems that plague the guestroom:

Problem: There is a closet in the guest room, but it’s already full (of your stuff).

Solution: Provide your guests a place to keep their clothes with one of these temporary fixes:
** Luggage Rack – my #1 choice as it folds up and tucks neatly in the closet when they are gone
** Folding Garment Rack – Find one that folds flat for storage when your guests leave
** Black Friction Valet Hook Coat Rack – Hangs right on the back of the door and gives your guests a place to hang hangers for up to 3 dresses, blouses or suits.

Problem: No room for a traditional bed

Solution: My favorite fixes for this problem…
** Daybed – If you have a few feet along the wall, a daybed is a great idea. It doubles as a couch during the day and takes up much less room than a twin bed sticking out into the middle of the room.
** If you don’t have even the space for a day bed, how about a futon? There are some great new sofa beds out there that are very affordable.
** Air Mattresses – a tried-and-true solution for when you are simply not able to give up the floor space permanently to one of the options above.