Coat Racks are Not Just for Coats


hooks in laundry roomIf you could see the walls of my laundry room you would think I was on some kind of jacket-shopaholic kick, as I have no less than four 5-hook coat racks mounted to the wall. Yet I don’t have a single coat hanging from these hooks. Turns out coat racks are one of the best and brightest organizers in town, and I happily make use of them all over my home.

In the laundry room I have them mounted one right over the other in two rows, which allows me to best utilize the vertical space on what is otherwise a wasted wall. I hang everything from my gym bag to jump ropes, lost and found items and more on these 20 hooks. Since it is the laundry room, aesthetics are less important.

Here are some other tips for using coat racks around your home:

Tools – In the garage, hang a row of hooks and use it to store brooms, shovels and other cleaning tools with ease. Long tools like push brooms can be hung upside down resting on the hooks, and anything with a hole in its handle can be mounted with twine.

Sporting Equipment – Hang your soccer nets, golf bag, swimming suit and goggles, and pretty much any other sports equipment you can think of on these handy hooks. Uniforms can hang on regular coat hangers from these hooks as needed.

Drying Clothes – in the laundry room, hangers can help air dry garments and be hung from coat hooks to give them a bit of clearance from the wall for air-flow.

Accordion style wall mounted racks are great for closets and pantries. They are a space-efficient mode of storage because they pack more hooks into a smaller space on the wall, perfect for scarves, purses and hats.

Bathroom Towel Rack – hooks make a refreshing alternative to traditional towel racks in the bathroom, and can accommodate robes as well.

Where else do you use them? Share in a comment!