Cedar’s Your Best Friend For Clothes Storage


western red cedarFall is here and as temperatures cool it’s the perfect time to bring out those warm sweaters and cozy coats. Transitioning your wardrobe to fall can be easy as long as cold weather clothes have been properly protected when not in use. With the right storage you don’t have to worry about finding your favorite sweater full of moth holes or in desperate need of a trip to the dry cleaners.

When it comes to protecting sweaters year round there’s nothing better than cedar. Repelling everything from moths to mites, the oils in cedar ensure bugs won’t make a meal of your favorite sweater. Giving off a woodsy, fresh cut scent, cedar also adds the perfect fall smell to any closet. Adding cedar to clothing storage can be as simple or as elaborate as you want. With everything from cedar furniture to cedar shoe inserts, there’s a storage accessory that both protects clothes and helps get things organized.

A piece of cedar furniture, like an armoire or dresser, is a great way to safely store clothes year round. The Shaker Five Drawer Dresser – 39″ Wide Blanket Chest is a classic piece of furniture that has drawers with cedar bottoms, ideal for storing everything from wool blankets to winter sweaters.

Not looking to add any furniture to the bedroom? Gain the benefits of cedar while also getting your closet more organized by adding clothing storage items made of cedar. Knits can easily get stretched and bent out of shape, so to keep them fitting well sweaters should folded rather than stored on a hanger. Modular storage like the Cube Cedar provides the perfect place to sort and store folded sweaters in easy view. Add as many cubes as you need to the closet and protect sweaters all year long. Whether you add a little cedar or a lot it’s sure to go a long way in protecting clothes!


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