What To Do With The Leftovers


holiday dinnerOne of the holidays I enjoy most of all is Thanksgiving. Getting together with family, some of whom I have not seen in months or a year, and enjoying a home-cooked meal brings a bit of brightness to the dull, seemingly-weatherless late November days.

Unfortunately for me, this year the task of hosting Thanksgiving was bestowed upon on me and my wife. The reason I say “unfortunately” is not because I dislike cooking and preparing a meal; on the contrary, I get a great deal of joy out of preparing the stuffing and roasting a turkey. I do not look forward to major holidays being hosted at my home because the task of clean-up falls squarely on my shoulders. Even worse are all the leftovers we have to try to pawn off on Grandpa and Auntie Anne – something about trying to force your loved ones to take your sure-to-spoil food home with them just does not feel right.

Because I am a veteran of hosting Thanksgiving after my rookie campaign of 2008, I discovered some helpful solutions to storing all of that food without taking up the entire refrigerator. Having the correct food storage containers ready and waiting makes all the difference between enjoying the fruits of your labor for a week or two or having a fridge full of rotting vegetables and turkey.

The most effective option for storing large amounts of leftovers for future meals is using vacuum pump and save containers. These plastic containers are like your standard Tupperware containers except they include a vacuum pump to ensure freshness for a great deal longer. Because they are compact and travel pretty well, I like to put single-meal portion in each container and bring them with me to lunch.

With the right storage containers, you won’t have to burden the rest of your family with food that you know they are just taking to be nice and most likely will never eat. I got these containers to use for Thanksgiving and other large meals that have a lot of leftovers, but I have found they are excellent for everyday storage too!

My next post will deal with another hassle that goes with hosting a large holiday meal: “Where on earth am I going to seat all of those relatives?!”


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