Storage Hiding in Plain Sight


storage baskets Whether you’re trying to find extra storage in a studio or attempting to cram even more stuff into an already packed closet, it seems like there’s never enough storage space. Sometimes you have to look for storage space in unlikely places and hiding storage in plain sight. Incorporating storage options into your décor is an easy and stylish way to stay organized.

Don’t have enough space for a dedicated office? Find a place for paperwork and office supplies in rooms throughout your home to create a makeshift office. File storage doesn’t have to mean a stuffy file cabinet. There are all sorts of file boxes that come in an array of styles and colors to compliment any décor. I like to intersperse file boxes in colorful patterns on a bookshelf for convenient storage that adds a decorative touch to the room. Having separate storage boxes is a great way to keep things sorted, including everything from bills to mementos. Storing them on a shelf is also an easy way to access them.

Baskets are another easy way to add storage throughout the home. Throw a wicker basket under the coffee table for storing extra blankets or throw pillows in the living room. The bathroom is often a small space that can use some additional organizational space. Add some baskets to the over the toilet etagere or shelf to store hand towels or toiletries. A wicker storage basket is not only a convenient storage choice, it also adds a touch of texture to any space.

If you have a space that can use some color, texture or pattern, there’s a stylish way to do it and add some storage as well. In no time you’ll cut down on clutter and add a pop of décor to any space!


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