The Great Debate: Slow Cooker vs. Pressure Cooker


The Great Debate:  Slow Cooker vs. Pressure CookerOkay, maybe not the most important debate going on in the world right now, but important nonetheless. My family kicked off the holiday season yesterday with what we call “pumpkin day” and I found myself (as always), trying to convince the lady of the house to give pressure cookers another try. You see, she is of the generation that thinks that the pressure cooker is going to explode in her face, as it did her Aunt’s (grandma’s, etc). That’s simply not the case though, pressure cookers are completely safe now thanks go better locks and release valves.

So let’s hash it out here, ladies? How do you weigh in on this issue?

First, allow me state my piece. It’s not that the pressure cooker is far superior to the slow cooker. Truth be told, I have both. In some ways, they do exactly the same thing, cooking extremely flavorful meals with little hassle. However, they do those things in completely opposite ways.

My Notes on These Two Kitchen Helpers:

Pressure Cookers:
1. Will NOT blow up in your face 🙂
2. FAST. You can cook dried pinto beans in 30 minutes. Dried lentils in 8. Come on, That is Amazing!
3. Soups and stews taste as though they have been cooking for HOURS, yet most recipes are done in 20 minutes.
1. Although recipes only take a few minutes, you really have to babysit at the beginning. You can’t walk away (at all) until you have achieved desired pressure and set the timer.
2. You don’t really know what you are going to get until you open up that bad boy and see if you had the correct pressure to do the cooking. However an Electric Pressure Cooker takes out some of the guesswork and is portable, a nice solution to those problems.

Slow Cookers (aka the Crock Pot):
1. Does the babysitting for you! You can literally dump in a bunch of ingredients and walk away, returning to the kitchen for an awesome meal later.
2. Also makes amazing flavors especially with meats, soups and stews.
3. More versatile than its fast-performing frenemy. Makes desserts, dinners, appetizers, dips and you aren’t restricted to specific liquid quantities.
1. Really just that it’s slow. That’s it!

Which do you prefer?


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