Tips For Organizing Cosmetics


cosmetics organizer Have a drawer full of loose lipsticks and mascaras? I know every time I buy a new lipstick I come home to find one just like it in my bathroom makeup drawer. Sometimes it seems easier to buy a new eye shadow than dig through bathroom drawers to find the one you already have. Makeup also doesn’t last forever and making sure cosmetics are up to date can seem like a daunting task. Using cosmetics storage that keeps everything sorted and easy to find is the best way to keep track of what makeup you do have and what makeup you need to buy.

For a small makeup collection an organizer like the Rain Cosmetic Tray can be the perfect storage solution. With special slots for everything from lip liner to nail polish, a clear tray allows everything to be viewed at once. Have more makeup than you know what to do with? Get serious storage with the Expandable Bamboo Kitchen Utensil Organizer. A utensil tray isn’t just for flatware, it can also be used to help sort and store all your cosmetics. When using stacking trays in a drawer, store special occasion makeup or items that aren’t used on a daily basis in the lower drawer and daily makeup up top where it’s easy to find.

Don’t get overwhelmed, there are all sorts of great tips and tricks for sorting through makeup. It can be difficult to know when to toss cosmetics and when to keep them, with the right guide it can be a breeze to make sure your makeup collection is up to date. Following this guide when it comes to sorting through makeup and buying new items is a great way to ensure you get the most out of your makeup drawer.


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