Travel Packing Tips


Travel Packing Tips With the holidays fast approaching there is sure to be lots of traveling coming up, whether you’re going away for Thanksgiving or flying to see family for Christmas. This can be a stressful time of year and having to pack everything from suits to presents doesn’t help matters. That’s why staying organized with a few travel products, even when on the go, is the key to a low-key holiday season.

Packing for a trip always seems to have the same challenges, from running out of room in my luggage to protecting clothes from my to toiletries. Space bags like the Clothes Bags are the perfect solution as the compress down clothes to help make the best use of luggage space. I like to pack a pair of pants with a couple shirts that go together, so I can just grab a bag and have an outfit ready to go. Storing them in bags also ensures that no matter what breaks or spills, clothes are protected.

When you get to your destination, whether you’re staying with family or at a hotel, staying organized while getting dressed out of a suitcase can be a challenge. I don’t like to completely unpack my suitcase, especially when I’m not staying for a long time, but having a few essentials in an easy to find location makes getting ready that much easier. Using a portable shelf like the Shelves-To-GO Three Shelf is an easy way to quickly add some storage to any closet. Simply slip the hooks over the bar in the closet and place any items you want easy access to, like shirts or pants. Unlike a dresser drawer this shelf makes items easy to see.

Any time I expect to bring back extra items, like a trip where I know I’ll do some shopping or after Christmas when I end up bringing back presents, I like to bring an extra tote or duffel bag. By packing a lightweight, compact bag I can use it as a carry-on and have plenty of room for everything I need to bring back. By packing a few extra items I’ve found I can actually save space and stay organized!


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