Bins, Bins, Bins

plastic storage binsWhat can I say about bins that hasn’t already been said? I think we can all agree that plastic storage boxes are sort of the “gateway drug” when it comes to getting organized. They’re user friendly as can be and you don’t have to be a master organizer to figure out their many uses. So I thought that rather than telling you something you’ve already heard, I’d do something fun with plastic bins. Now, I’m no Dorothy Parker or Dr. Seuss when it comes to clever rhyming but I hope you’ll enjoy this little ditty!

Bins, Bins, Bins

I use bins in many ways
Organizing really pays
With bins I store my odds and ends
And handy-me-downs to give my friends
My grandma’s hideaway depends.
A cluttered home, I do not like
A mess will make my blood pressure spike!
So in my bins I hold the things
I will not need until next spring
Bins with hinged lids
Bins with locks
I use bins for my son’s blocks
I stack them in the storage shed
I store them underneath the bed
Some bins are large some bins are small
Some stack high and do not fall
If you organize with bins like me
You know how wonderful they can be!

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