The Make Room


room plannerI don’t know if I was a decorator or an architect in a past lifetime, but I have an irresistible urge to plan spaces. I cannot walk into a room, even if it’s already furnished, without rearranging the furniture in my mind. This can be a distracting and cumbersome characteristic, but it comes in handy when I really do need to plan a space. Moving, for instance. Every time I move, I try to plan out where everything is going to go ahead of time. It’s partially to save myself the hassle later and partially because I just can’t help myself!

This is what I’ve done in the past: measure each room, and draw them to scale on a sheet of graphing paper (each square is a foot, and so on). Then, I measure my furniture pieces and draw them on a separate sheet, color or label them, then cut them out. That way, I can slide the pieces around the room and get an idea for how things will fit. This is painstakingly time consuming but, again, I do it because I want my move to be as organized as possible.

Recently, I can across a site called Urban Barn which has a tool called the The Make Room. This is where I start to gush. This tool is so amazing! It lets you pick standard room shapes or create custom ones, then adjust the size as needed. You can put up walls, put in windows, doorways, everything right down to electrical wiring. The fun part comes with picking furniture which you can also adjust to measure the same as your furniture. You can pick out flooring, rotate furniture – everything. I am so in love. It’s not only helpful if you’re moving into a new home, but also if you just want to change up your current one for a fresh look. Check it out, and you might find yourself lost like I did!


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