Holiday Entertaining with No Rules


rustic table-scapeI see a lot of cool things happening in party planning right now. The trend in fall party decorating seems to be rustic, cozy and casual with some antique influences and best of all – no rules! You no longer need to go with the traditional “pumpkins and leaves” theme when accessorizing your home for a holiday party.

And you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Go to the thrift store to mix and match antique dinnerware and glassware pieces. The in-cohesive look is in style and so charming. An old beat up dinner table suddenly has chic appeal, so forget the tablecloth and dress it up with a lace runner or simple linen placemats.

Handmade is also very trendy now, so you don’t have to make decorations just to save money anymore. Utilitarian objects like Mason jars are popular and fashionable in today’s party decorating scheme. Basically what you want to achieve is a balance between rustic and elegant. Use small terracotta flower pots to hold your fine silverware, or create a table out of an old worn door then set it with your fancy china.

What’s great about this mismatched, rough-meets-refined trend in holiday decorating is that anyone can do it. I’m not an excellent decorator but I can make this look happen pretty easily. Find some images online for inspiration and make a list of things you can find around your house or at a thrift store: random dishes, tarnished silver pieces, lace doilies, rough wood pieces, burlap, pine cones, colorful glass – the point is, they all can come together for a charming and rustic holiday setting!

What are some unusual items you’ve used for table decor?


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