Storage Furniture 101


Modern Breakfast Bar with StoolsIf there is one thing I know about, it’s living in a shoebox and making the space more functional. I have been living in apartments and small homes for my entire adult life and troubleshooting space issues has become a passion of mine. Partially out of necessity in my own life and partially to help others. In today’s world of “everything must be oversized” it is easy to forget that we can make a small home not only work, but feel more spacious than it is. It has to do with furniture arrangement, the size of the pieces we own, being minimalistic, and most importantly having furniture that serves several purposes.

I’m a big fan of things that fold, things that roll, things that use vertical space and things that have more than one function. For example: you have a small kitchen with limited (or no) counter space and a small eating area. My solution for this would be a counter height breakfast bar with stools, like the Modern Breakfast Bar with Stools. With a multifunctional piece like this, you get more counter space, a place to eat and even some storage.

If you need a home office but don’t have a room to use as one, there are a number of furniture pieces like computer armoires that give you a “home office” in one place. To maximize space in a small home, I also recommend things like storage beds (bed frames with drawers), storage ottomans, futons (sofa and guest bed in one), and occasional tables with multiple functions. The Slick Cube for example, can be used as a table, bench, plant stand and accent piece. I hope these tips are helpful to my fellow city dwellers; living in a cramped space so you have that awesome location doesn’t have to be as bad as it would seem!


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