Thanksgiving Meal Planning


Turkey DayIt’s less than two weeks away! And I, shockingly (joke!), have not come up with the menu for Thanksgiving. Some quick searches on the internet lead you to some pretty amazing tools and information, these days.
But it’s a lot to sort through, so I thought I’d share my picks for the best Thanksgiving tools out there on the web:

    Menu Planning

Of course there are plenty of menus and recipes to be found, but I had to share this menu planning tool from epicurious, it is really cool. You answer five questions and it comes up with a menu for you based on your answers. The questions range from “Do you want your menu to be healthy” (umm, no) to whether you are feeding kids too or just adults. And if you don’t like their menu, you can still view all the recipes and build your own meal. They have some nice updates on traditional menu items.

    Thanksgiving Checklists

PBS has great checklists you can print out, including three weeks out (oops, missed that one), two weeks out, and so on… I especially like the Thanksgiving Cheat Sheet which you can print out to schedule the cooking on turkey day so you don’t miss a beat. The lists cover everything from when to send invitations to setting things up for kids, counting linens and then, finally, when to start cooking (hint: Pie prep starts the Monday prior to Thanksgiving!!)

    Cooking Tips and How-To’s

No one knows comfort food like the Midwest, and our friends out there at Taste of Home have a page devoted to videos on how to do everything right from the Turkey to the Spinach casserole. Also check out the leftover recipes while you are there (so you know what to make extra of on the big day).


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