Holiday Storage From Basic to Creative


holiday-storage-reels-and-bag.jpgWithout a doubt, the holidays can present our biggest storage and organization challenges. Whether it’s the tree decorations, house decorations, gift wrap, fine china, silverware or fake trees, the holidays come with a lot of baggage. Somehow I accumulate more holiday junk every year, as if I don’t have enough already. It’s just so tempting to buy more! The problem is that I forget to buy more storage pieces for those new items and I am left with a storage issue after the holidays are over.

So right now I’m researching clever holiday storage solutions. I use all of the the traditional holiday storage products like ornament boxes, wreath bags, and gift wrap organizers. Those are all essential to protecting your holiday decor while making everything easy to find and easy to put away. My favorite is my gift wrap organizer; I seriously have no idea what I did before it came into my life. I seem to remember rolls of wrapping paper falling on my head a lot, but it’s a vague memory that I must have tried to block like most traumatic experiences.

Through some research online, I have seen some pretty cool and creative alternatives for storing holiday decorations. Like using egg crates for storing ornaments or wrapping string lights around pieces of cardboard cut perfectly to fit in a plastic bin. I wouldn’t store my gift wrap this way year round (because I don’t want gift wrap hanging on the walls all the time) but you can create a wall mounting system for wrapping paper with some basic hooks that twist into the wall and some thin wooden dowels from the hardware store. The purpose, for me, is to make selection and cutting easier. After the season, just take out the hooks and dowels and store them with the wrapping paper. Holiday storage is easier than ever!


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