Prep Ahead Tools for Holiday Cooking


Lettuce KeeperFrom the Thanksgiving turkey to the Christmas ham, cooking for the holidays can be a bit overwhelming. With so many details to take care of it can take a lot of planning to ensure everything goes right the day of.

There are basic steps you can take to plan ahead, like keeping a list of favorite holiday recipes, along with a shopping list for each recipe. Keeping these recipes in a binder or saved in your computer also means you can go back and make notes or adjustments to recipes so you know how long something actually needs to bake or if it really serves ten people.

There are also all sorts of kitchen tools that come in handy at the holidays, as well as year round. Take a page from the professional chef playbook and do prep work like chopping, dicing and measuring in advance to save time the day of. Nobody likes ending up with the task of chopping onions, especially for anyone prone to tearing up. The Onion Chopper is a must have tool for any onion prep, as it chops onions while protecting your eyes. The chopped onion goes into the storage container below, so you can easily chop the onion needed for that favorite stuffing recipe the day before, store it in the fridge and have it ready to go the next day.

Whether you’re planning on serving crudites or a spinach salad, the Lettuce Keeper – Vegetable and Fruit Storage is the perfect place to store a prepared salad. Combining storage and a colander in one, it can be used to wash lettuce the day before, then simply throw in the other ingredients and all you have to do the day of is add dressing.

Streamline holiday cooking with a little prep work and you’ll find yourself with a little more time to enjoy any holiday!


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