Bring your Accessories to Order!


scarf-hanger.jpgOver the years I’ve experimented with different ways to store accessories so I get the most use out of them. I’ve tried keeping them in drawers, but they usually end up turning into a jumbling mess. Then I’ve added drawer dividers that help keep things sorted, but I still wasn’t getting a lot of use out of what I had since I didn’t see them on a daily basis while I was getting dressed.

Now that the weather is getting colder there are all sorts of accessories I can’t wait to wear again and I’ve finally found storage solutions that help me keep track of what I have. I’ve got tights in all sorts of colors and patterns, so when I added a hanging closet organizer with clear pockets for storing each pair it became much easier so see what I had.

I hung it next to the dresses and skirts in my closet, so now it’s easy to find a pair to go with whatever I’m wearing. It would also be a good place to keep lighter scarves.
Belts and ties are other accessories that can be difficult to find the right storage for. That’s why an accessory hanger [] that can easily be added to the rack in your closet can be the best way to store them. Both ties and belts can get bent out of shape it not properly stored, so a rack that lets them hang can be the best way keep them flat. A hanging closet organizer rack also allows you to move your whole collection from closet to closet since it isn’t attached to the closet door.

Whether you have lots of belts or never leave the house without a scarf there is closet accessory storage that fits your closet and your collection.


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