Desktop Poetry


Messy DeskIt is 5:30 pm on a Saturday, and I’m here to talk to you about desktop organizers. Why not, I have nowhere else to be. I think that desk organizers are the kind of thing that’s different for everyone. What works for one person might not for another. It depends on how you use your desk predominantly – for work, for play, for both.

There are three kinds of organizers that most, if not all, desks need: a pencil cup, a paper organizer (either for bills or files – or both!), and a bin for small parts (paper clips, tacks, rubber bands (mine has all of the above and apparently a few bobby pins, screws, a random button and a fortune cookie fortune (I might not be doing this right))). Everything beyond that is circumstantial.

So, rather than continuing to tell you what you already know about desktop organizers, I thought I’d have some fun and once again write a little ditty. And I apologize in advance for the kooky turn it takes near the end!

When your desk is a mess
You may feel distress
You may feel like screaming and crying
How can you work?
You might go berserk!
If your work space is cluttered and untidy.
An organized desk is the key,
they say,
To success and a productive day.
So fear not, my friends,
Your desk you can cleanse
Of the junk that causes delay!
Inboxes, outboxes, cups and trays
All organize in valuable ways.
So why have you let things get so out of hand?
And left your desk in disarray!
Once you get the chaos under control
You’ll feel a great sense of relief.
But remember to keep your desk tidy and neat
Or you may lose your job and end up on the street!


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