Yardwork, it’s Never Too Late!


garden-seat.jpgJust as spring means spring cleaning for your home, fall is the time for yard and garden clean up. Many plants not only lose their leaves, but also need a little prep to get them ready for winter. By keeping gardening tools on hand and ready to go in the shed or garage you can make fall yard work stress free and easy.

With trees losing their leaves, gutters and front yards can quickly get covered. It’s important to keep gutters clear to protect your house from water damage that results from overflowing gutters. With the right tools, like a gutter brush, you can quickly remove dead leaves and know that as wet weather approaches your gutters are ready to do their job.

When it comes time to trim plants that have died back give yourself a comfortable place to sit with a rolling garden cart with a built in seat. Use the cart to store all your fall cleanup tools, from pruning shears to your gutter brush. That way when fall rolls around every year you can always be able to find your essential falls clean up tools.
There are also all sorts of gardening tool sets that not only provide you with everything you need for gardening, but come in a case with a special spot for everything. A case is a great way to keep tools organized and easy to store.

Put yard waste to good use and have plenty of mulch when springtime rolls around again with a mulcher. The Flowtron Mulcher Electric Leaf Shredder helps breakdown leaves and other plant material into smaller pieces so they can be added back to the garden.

By spending some time getting outdoor spaces in good shape for winter it’ll be that much easier to have a lovely lawn this spring.


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