Squeeze the Most Storage out of your Bathroom


bath-organizer.jpgFeel like you’re always fighting for more bathroom storage? Even when it seems impossible to add organizational space there’s always a way to gain more, from wall mounted shelving to cabinets set on casters. Get creative and make the most of unused floor or wall space to gain the organizational space you need with the right bath organizers.

While built in bathroom cabinets are the norm, freestanding cabinets actually offer a lot of flexibility, making them a great bathroom storage option. Since they aren’t built in you can easily change them out depending on your storage needs. If you figure out that need more or less storage, or just decide you want to change up the style of your bathroom simply switch out the cabinet for a new one. Just because a storage cabinet isn’t built in doesn’t mean is has to be any less stylish.

A freestanding cabinet set on casters also provides lots of mobility that makes it easy to move around the bathroom or the house. Use it to store a large makeup collection that tends to get dragged from the bathroom to the bedroom and back again. Many freestanding cabinets come with lots of drawers, so they are ideal for storing smaller items like hair products and toiletries. With so many drawers it’s easy to organize what you have. Having lots of drawers is also especially convenient in a shared bathroom where it seems like there’s even less storage. Having so many drawers makes them easy to divide up so everyone has the space they need. A storage cart also has the added benefit of providing even more counter space on top, so you have easy access to items you use everyday. Simply find a cart that fits your bathroom and you’ll have all the organizational space you were looking for.


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