Steam Cleaners: Wonder Machines!


steam-cleaner.jpgMy wife and I recently found ourselves in a situation in which we needed to purchase a steam cleaner for our home. It was a purchase made out of necessity but after we used the steam cleaner a couple of times, we realized just how useful a tool this little portable machine could really be.

One of the biggest reasons my wife and I fell in love with using the steam cleaner was that it used no harsh chemicals that end up staining your clothes or making you feel light-headed and nauseous after a few hours of cleaning. Another huge plus is that your hands do not get really dried out like they do when you use bleach or other chemicals. The ability to just clean with just the pressure and heat of H2O without worrying about our dog coming through later and ingesting the harmful agents is quite liberating!

There were a few problem areas in our home that were just absolutely impossible to get totally cleaned, and others that were just so time consuming that they rarely get finished. One such place is in between our window blinds. They seem to be some sort of dust and grime magnet, because I feel like the day after I get them all cleaned, there is a thick layer of dust right back on there. The worst part about this is that it takes forever to get in-between all of those blinds, so it is quite disheartening to see your work undone in less than a week. The steam cleaner is great because I can literally BLAST the dust off of the blinds and wipe up the leftover dirt with a damp rag. It doesn’t do much in the way of preventing this dust build-up, but at least it is an effective way to quickly clean it up.

Two other tough spots in our home were the floors of the bathroom and the kitchen. Our home is a rental, and over the years these two surfaces have become quite grimy, to say the least. The faux-grout of our linoleum tiles had grown some sort of stain that we though was irreversible. Well just a couple of minutes with the steam cleaner and “Voila!” the stain was loose and we were able to clear it up with the wipe of a towel.

We have been very impressed with our steam cleaner, especially during these winter months when we cannot take things outside to clean them with water.


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