Instant Shelves for the Closet


hanging purse organizerNo matter how much storage space you have, it never seems like the right kind. Have lots of drawer space? Then it probably feels like you could use more room in the closet. Feel like you have plenty of room for hanging clothes but could really use more shelf space? Well when it comes to adding shelf space to the closet, hanging closet shelves are a quick and easy way to add the shelving you need.

Hanging closet shelves are usually used for storing folded pants or sweaters to help protect them from hanger marks, but they can also be used in a variety of ways to help get any closet organized.

We all have a catchall hall or entryway closet that always seems to be getting out of hand. My catchall closet is used to store everything from winter coats to crafting supplies. By adding a hanging closet shelf I’ve added the shelf space I needed and took advantage of unused rack space. I’ve used the individual shelves to store and sort fabric I’ve been saving for specific sewing projects. The open shelves make it easy to see what I have and it’s much easier to get to get to the fabric I’m looking for.

Entryway closets are often the most convenient place to store heavy coats since it gives you easy access to them on your way out the door. Why not store other winter accessories there too? A hanging closet shelf in the entryway closet can be the perfect place to store gloves and scarves. You can use one shelf for folded up scarves and another for stacked gloves. With so much shelf space each member of the family can even have their own shelf so everyone knows where they can find their favorite winter hat.

There probably isn’t a single closet in your home that wouldn’t benefit from a little added shelf space, and a hanging shelf can be the ideal way to add it.


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