Pictures are Gifts from the Heart


Mosh Multi Wall FrameDo you have that one person in your life that always says “I really can’t think of anything I need” when you ask for gift suggestions? Well, in my life, that person is getting a photo gift. There are oodles of photo websites out there that make it a cinch to create dozens of types of gifts, each personalized with your own photos.

For example, I like to make calendars of my kids’ best shots from the year for all of the grandparents. Virtually every photo site does calendars now, plus photo books, which are one of my absolute favorites of all photo gifts. Can you imagine what we could have done with this technology when I was a kid? (Let’s just say there would be more pictures of me as a child).

**Photo Organizing Tip: Throughout the year, as you download pics from your camera, create a separate folder on your desktop and copy the best images there (the ones that are gift-worthy). Believe me, this will save you so much time when the holidays roll around. [To do this, simply double click on the picture to view, then choose “Make a Copy” from the file menu.]

Here is a rundown of different types of photo gifts you can make and which occasions they go with:

  • Mugs – Great for pictures of your trip with your best friend – she will remember good times as she drinks a cup of Joe!
  • Photo Books – Everything, especially baby’s first year, anniversary parties, or, as my sister did recently, shoot pictures of your parents’ 60th, 70th birthday parties and give it to them as a gift. (They often don’t want “things” anyway.)
  • Keychains – great for uncles, brothers and dads who don’t carry a purse around with room for snapshots like we ladies do.
  • Calendars – I love these for Christmas or New Years gifts – anything goes here, but I’ve gotta say it’s a real treat for grandparents to see how your little ones have grown!
  • The Mosh Wall Multi Frame (shown above) makes a wonderful gift, filled or empty.


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