Be the Hostest with the Mostest

When hosting friends and family, I think we all have that drive, almost maternal, to make sure our guests are as comfortable as we can make them. Even if we secretly hope they will choose a hotel next time instead (hey, it happens!), there’s something about having someone living in your home for a night or weekend that makes you want to impress. Here are some ideas to get you started on your way to being that girl…the hostest with the mostest (okay, I promise I won’t say it again).

Topher Wall Mount Arch Fireplace
Nothing says cozy winter gatherings than a fireplace. This one mounts to the wall and is quite inexpensive.

Folding Chairs - Set of 2
Yep! These are actually folding chairs, but look just like formal dining room chairs. Folding metal chairs are fine too though if that’s what you have.

Smoof Active Mattress
This is great for overnights, no blow-up motor required!

Games are a must-have for entertaining guests, whether for a long day into evening or an overnight.

Something for the kids (and teens and tweens) to keep them busy while you visit with grownups!

When planning for a Family Gathering, make sure you have the right tools on hand to keep everyone comfortable, busy and well fed.

Shopping Guide:

  • Topher Wall Mount Arch Fireplace
  • Folding Chairs – Set of 2
  • Smooff Active Mattress
  • 21″ Deluxe Backgammon Set
  • 33″ Tabletop Hockey Game Table
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