Photo Album Organization


organizeWith spring and summer vacations behind us, the fall and winter can be the perfect time to sort through vacation photos and create an album to save those memories. Don’t let vacation memories get forgotten in a box or a folder on your computer. Use cold winter evenings bundled up at home as an opportunity to go through family photos and turn them into an album you can enjoy for years to come.

For anyone who enjoys crafting, there are all sorts of photo storage options, from large folders to store scrapbook pages to individual photo boxes to store prints. Keeping supplies well organized makes it easier to sit down and work on a project since you don’t have to spend all your time sorting through a mess of photos from over the years. For a sleeker look there are all sorts of online photo printers that make it easy to create a hardback photo album full of memories. With so many different sites it can be overwhelming figuring out how to navigate them and finding one that works well for you. Martha Stewart has a helpful introduction to the different online photo album options out there. Use her slideshow to find the perfect photo album.

With the holidays right around the corner, photo albums also make a thoughtful gift for friends and family. Make one for your Mom to document a recent family trip or create a baby book for a new Mom. It’s easy to create a personal present and since photo albums come in a wide variety of prices, it’s also easy to find one that fits your budget. Whether you’re looking to create a handmade scrapbook or go high tech and create a professional style photo book there are all sorts of tools that make it easy to create a one of a kind album.


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