Air Drying Clothes in the Winter!


Clothes LineI like to think of myself as someone who places great value in respecting and preserving the health of our planet – therefore I take pride in making an effort to try to be as “green” as possible. Oftentimes this requires me to think “outside the box” to find ways to cut down on my energy usage and waste around the house.

One way that I am able to cut down on my electricity usage is through air-drying my clothes after I take them out of the washing machine. Instead of throwing them into the dryer, which is the quick and easy way to take care of wet clothes (but also an electricity-sucker), I began to air-dry them on a line in my backyard. This method of drying clothes quickly proved to be an effect course of action, and the results could be plainly seen in my monthly energy bill.

Unfortunately, as the weather began to cool down and summer began to make its transition into autumn, I noticed that my clothes took longer to dry. Sometimes there were setbacks in the drying process as a cold fall storm rolled its way in, drenching the clothes line and all of the garments on it. Now, as autumn has begun to turn into winter, I am noticing my clothes actually freeze on the line – I knew I had to figure something out when I cracked a pair of underwear in half trying to get them off the clothesline!

So I decided that instead of drying the clothes outdoors, leaving them exposed to the cold and wet weather, I would try to find an indoor solution. The perfect resolution to my problem ended up being a wood drying rack that I use indoors in my guest room. What is great about this rack is that it only has a footprint of 30 square inches but provides 56 feet of drying space! Another convenient feature of the drying rack is that it folds down into a small size when I am not using it, which is good because I’m not exactly rolling in closet space.

In fact, I find using the drying rack indoors to be so effective, I may choose to take down my outdoor laundry line and go to strictly using my indoor drying rack.


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