Reduce Holiday Stress with Some Holiday Organizing


holiday storageDecorating for the holidays is supposed to be magical and special. A time for the family to gather, hang the lights, trim the tree, listen to festive holiday songs and, well, be merry! But for some of us there is a downside to this, especially if you don’t have your decorations stored properly. Problem number one: the tangled lights. Every year I swear I’m going to find an efficient way of wrapping them up so I don’t have to deal with the mess next year. And, every year by the time Christmas is over, and I’m ready for all the clutter to be put away, I just do what I always do and toss them in a cardboard box. Not a wise idea!

The second biggest holiday storage issue for me is the broken ornaments. Because I haven’t kept them in a sturdy container designed for ornaments, I find one or two more broken bulbs every year. And it’s sad to see them go, because some of them have sentimental value. Then there is the gift wrap mess. The problem is that all of these single issues add up to a mountain of storage problems that can put a damper on the spirit of the season. And the holidays shouldn’t be about stressing out over improper holiday storage!

In the same way we would store and organize things like family photos, seasonal clothing, fancy china and our jewelry, we should store and organize our holiday decorations. We should not only treat them with the same love and care to make sure they’re preserved, but also to make life easier for ourselves around the holidays. We’re already so busy and there’s little room for messes. So why not check out some holiday storage ideas that will make it easier to do what’s intended this time of year – gather with loved ones, enjoy the cozy feeling of the season, sing songs and be happy!


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