Getting My Craft On…


Snowman Crochet ProjectIt’s Sunday, my favorite day to get my craft on. Especially during the holidays, and even more importantly, when it’s simply too cold to be out in the garden, a little crafting goes a long way towards cheering me up. Here’s what I’ve been working on for the past month: Crocheted Snowmen. I’ve done five out of the eight that I will need as gifts for the kids in the family. They are absolutely adorable, and would be a great crochet project for a child as well, as long as they have been introduced to crocheting in the round. Also don’t miss out on the tutorial for the magic ring, it is true, as everyone says: once you have learned this technique, you will never start your round crochet projects the old way again! Happy Crafting!

This free Mini Snowman Crochet Pattern comes courtesy of the Dapper Toad – Thanks!


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