One Week to Stress-Free Entertaining


CleaningChristmas is just one week away. If you, like me, are hosting family this year on Christmas day, are you ready for action? Creating a plan will help keep the Christmas-day party madness to a minimum, so you can actually enjoy some time with your loved ones. I can’t tell you how to clean your house, or even what needs cleaning. So here is a guide I use (and anyone can benefit from) for getting those extra special entertaining-related cleaning jobs done starting a week ahead of time:

    7 Days Out

  • Finalize the Menu and Shopping List
  • Shop (or send the hubby)
    • 6 Days Out

  • Polish Silver
  • Wash slipcovers on sofas and chairs if needed
    • 5 Days Out

  • Toss out old items from the fridge, and wipe down the shelves while you are in there
  • Wipe kitchen cabinet and appliance fronts
    • 4 Days Out

  • Rake Leaves, Sweep driveway, tidy front entryway
  • Iron Linens
    • 3 Days Out

  • Clean, Clean, Clean! Bathrooms, kitchen stove, only you know what needs to be cleaned in your home!
    • 2 Days Out

  • Vacuum carpets, shake rugs outside
  • Mop hardwood, tile and linoleum till it shines!
  • *note that you are doing the floors after the cleaning on day 3

      Christmas Eve

  • Replace old candles with new ones where needed
  • Put out last minute touches such as air fresheners
  • Swap towels for fresh ones in the bathrooms
  • Bring out special dishes for entertaining
  • Set up the table, cloths and table decorations
  • Tidy bedrooms
  • How far in advance do you start cleaning before hosting?


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