Stopping By Grandma’s After Christmas?


giftAs every year comes and goes, and with it another holiday season, I feel more and more like I should be the ones giving my grandparents presents instead of them to me. Every winter as a child we would come home to a huge postage package full of presents from Grandma and Grandpa. But now as a college-graduate with a real-life job and more cash to spend on family during the holiday season, I get a sense that it is my turn to be the giver.

But the question remains, what kind of presents do you get for your grandparents? Not all of us are lucky enough to live in the same town or even the same state, so knowing their day-to-day habits and needs can be pretty difficult. I don’t want to get them a gift they are not going to use, especially because I know it will only make them feel guilty about its lack of use. Even if you are able to see them on a daily or weekly basis, sometimes the generation gap can be difficult to bridge.

Luckily, whether it is a gift for Grandpa or a gift for Grandma, there are many, many choices available for a wide variety of hobbies and pastimes. Whether they enjoy home-improvement, outdoor activities such as hiking or golfing, or love to travel in their retirement, there is a gift that is perfect for them.

For the grandparents that love to travel, a Luggage Scale is a unique and practical gift. There is nothing more annoying that getting to the airport and realizing you have to pay extra because one suitcase is too heavy and others are lighter than necessary. This scale makes it easy to make sure your bags are evenly packed. For those grandparents that love to travel abroad, a multi-language translator makes for a thoughtful gift.

Many couples are finding that golf is a great activity they can share together and gets some exercise at the same time. It is a healthy way for couples to bond – if this describes your grandparents, a golf accessory they both can share makes the perfect gift. An added benefit of a shared gift is it does take some pressure off because you only need to get one thing. Or, a pair of Personalized Golf Tool Set makes for an easy, useful gift that they each can use.

By browsing gift guides and other resources I have actually found quite a few gifts that would be perfect for my grandparents this holiday season. It is a nice surprise for them to get a little something from you after all those years of selfless generosity.


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