Preserve Precious Pieces


china storageAfter a long holiday season with so many parties to go to and so many parties to host, it’s finally time to put away those “fancy” dishes. Whether you have real china or, like me, you simply have a set of special dishes reserved for holidays and other special occasions, you probably have some extra-special dinnerware that you are ready to pack up and put away until next season.

  • Garage Storage – If you are storing your holiday dishes in the garage, a hard plastic or wooden trunk is a must have – there is just too much chance for breakage or droppage to risk a cardboard box storage system for your dishes out of the house.
  • Closets are great if you have the space. A simple cardboard box will do just fine, but make sure to wrap each plate individually either in bubble wrap or several sheets of newspaper and press to the bottom of the box. Double strengthen the walls with an extra layer of packing tape so that when you pick up the box, everything doesn’t fall out the bottom!
  • Pantry – If you have some extra pantry shelf space, this sure makes it easier to get out and put away your dishes at the turn of the seasons! China storage bags and boxes are available in just about every type of dish imaginable, from plate bags to champagne flute dividers.
  • On Display – If you have a glass hutch or other visible area where you like your china to be on display, simply make sure you separate each plate with either a plate protector or even a square of cardboard. This reduces chipping and scratching and makes clean up a cinch!
  • Platters and other serveware should be wrapped in cloth or set in individual platter saving bags to preserve and protect.
  • Silver is commonly stored in felt (felt bags are available in many sizes) to reduce tarnish and other damage.
  • Careful labeling ensures the least amount of handling of your stored dishes and alerts anyone in the garage to be extra careful when handling!
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