A Home Gym Just in Time for those Resolutions to Set in…


Everyone knows the typical New Year’s resolutions – stop smoking, eat healthier, be kinder to your family, lose those nagging 15 pounds – and year after year these are consistently the most broken resolutions as well. For those that decide this is the year they finally get healthy, one trip to the local gym will have you realizing that you are far from alone in resolving to fight the flab. Last year after the New Year, my gym was so packed full of people the wait to use a cardio machine was 20 minutes! This can be an added discouragement to actually getting active. Luckily there is an easy solution for this issue and the approaching holiday season is the perfect time to give or receive some home gym equipment!

Crescendo Fitness Folding Power Rower
For those that are just getting started in building a home-gym, a simple flat bench is the perfect first-step. Even though it may appear to be overly-simplistic a flat bench is the initial building block. This bench is perfect for presses, “box” jumps, sit-ups, angled push-ups and more!

Crescendo Fitness Folding Weight Lifting Bench
A more sophisticated home-gym solution is a folding weight lifting bench. This is just the bench frame – it does not include the barbells and dumbbells, but provides excellent opportunities to work out a variety of areas of the body – chest, legs, arms and your core. Best of all, it can be folded up for storage, which allows you to avoid the embarrassing “gym equipment as a closet” situation which has become such a cliché.

Crescendo Fitness Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike
Maybe you are not looking to bulk-up as much as you are trying to improve your blood pressure, cholesterol or just trying to burn some calories. In that case a great cardio machine is the magnetic resistance exercise bike.

A power–rower is a unique addition the home-gym, giving you a great core workout without taking up much space at all in the home.

Tread Mat
Of course, if you are adding all of this gym equipment to your home, you want to protect your floor. This treadmat provides excellent protection to your floor or carpet, plus provides a soft and springy place to work out!

By creating the perfect gym in your own home, you really increase the chances of following through on that New Year’s resolution. Instead of getting the motivation to drive to a crowded and uncomfortable gym, you will be able to get in shape right in the comfort of your own home!

    Products Featured:
  • Crescendo Fitness Flat Bench
  • Crescendo Fitness Folding Weight Lifting Bench
  • Crescendo Fitness Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike
  • Crescendo Fitness Folding Power Rower
  • Floor Mat – TreadMat
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