Holiday Wrap Drivin’ you Nuts?


Gift Wrap OrganizerIf you find yourself at the end of the holidays with more ribbons, bows and tissue than you know what to do with, there are some easy and space-efficient ways to store it away for next season!

    Here are my picks for gift wrap storage systems this year.

  • Hanging Gift Wrap Organizer (shown). This is a new one this year and I just love it. Next to under the bed, hanging closet organizers are my favorite for extra gift wrapping supplies. This one is designed for wrap and accessories, and who doesn’t have a pile of those lying around? What a great idea and it only takes up a few inches in the closet!
  • Which brings me to my favorite wrapping paper storage method: Under the bed. It’s almost like rolls of wrapping paper were designed to slide under the bed. This new Holiday Green Gift Wrap Organizer with Handles is perfect for Christmas wrap or any other occasion!
  • And finally, a Greeting Card Box – such a cool idea. I love to buy funny birthday cards as I see them throughout the year. With this box you can organize them (plus all of your Christmas, Hanukkah and other holiday cards) for year-round use.

  • How do you keep holiday gift wrap under control at your house?


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