After Holiday Clean Up


Ornament KeeperIf you enjoy the holidays but find all the clean up exhausting, this might be the year to get all your holidays decorations organized and easy to pack up. By having the right storage for all your favorite holiday decorations you can save time and energy after the holidays. There are a number of decorations that can use special storage, like artificial trees, wreaths, ornaments and gift wrap.

Keep those family ornaments safe and sound the other eleven months of the year with custom ornament storage. The Ornament Keeper provides lots of storage in one compact space, with three trays each safely storing up to 20 ornaments.

Make your holiday wrapping that much easier next year with a well organized stash of ribbons and wrapping paper. The Holiday Green Gift Wrap Organizer with Handles has lots of built in storage in a compact design that can easily be stored anywhere from the closet to under the bed.

When it comes time to take down the artificial tree keep it dust free and ready for next year with the right cover. The TreeKeeper Nylon Artificial Tree Storage Bag has an easy to use design that hooks into the base making it a snap to cover up your tree. A cover keeps your tree fresh for years to come.

Keeping outdoor decorations organized is easy too. With the Wreath Keeper you can keep your favorite artificial wreath ready for the holidays. Outdoor lights can be a real pain to keep untangled, but with the Storage Reels and Bag you can store lights so they’re easy to install next year.

With a little organizing you can make clean up this year and installation next year a breeze.


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