January – Get Organized Month


Get Organized in 4 WeeksI suspect that even before January was officially named “Get Organized Month”, it already was the de facto month of choice for organizing, simply due to the fact that it is the New Year with resolutions of organization topping many a person’s list. But in celebration of the official Get Organized Month, we are offering a 4 week plan to an organized home. Mind you, this is not a cleaning list, but an organizing guide.

Winter (January and February in particular) is a great time to organize the home. Why?
• Crummy weather outside forces you to be inside, so you might as well get something done while you are in there (except for week 1, see below, for which you will want to put on a warm coat).
• Spring Cleaning starts in just a few months. You will have less to clean around, over and under if you streamline now. Save the cleaning part for spring, though, when you can open the doors for fresh air.
• It is a new year, a time to start fresh, if you will.

    Here’s how it works:

A new post on Wednesday for each week, starting tomorrow, with a different organizing task to tackle. Most of them are half-day/full day jobs, so many people will want to do them on a Saturday or Sunday (although you could split them up over the weeknights if that’s more your style). Posting on Wednesday gives you 3 days to get your tools (and your willpower) together. Mark it on your calendar over the next month (or whatever pace you choose) so that the whole household knows that you mean business.

    We are covering four big problem areas in this series:

Week 1 – The Garage (I know, the worst is first this time, sorry friends, but trust me on this one)
Week 2 – The Office – a major source of headaches
Week 3 – Closet Mania
Week 4 – Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets

Are you ready to get organized with us?