Cheers to Stemware Storage!

Cheers!I know I might be a little late on this one, but those of us who went on vacation the week after New Year’s may just still be cleaning up after Christmas. This year I invested in some beautiful champagne flutes as I hosted both Christmas and New Year’s eve at my house. So I’m adding to my fancy-dish storage collection a special keeper for my festive glassware. Stemware chests come in all sizes, colors and various degrees of protection. There are even special chests for balloon style wine glasses. You certainly don’t have to do this for your everyday wine glasses, but it’s a great idea for special-occasion glassware, and in particular, champagne glasses (because what else are they for but special-occasions, right?) For something as fragile as thin glass, I suggest a hard-shell outer box with dividers on the inside, like this fluted stemware storage chest. Stemware storage boxes do a much better job than the old cardboard and newspaper diy models, and are relatively inexpensive – a great investment to keep your glassware in great shape in between uses!

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