Toy Storage: Think Outside the Box


toy boxWhen you live in a smaller home with kids, the challenge is always how to store all of their toys, artwork, video games and other kid-like items without having primary colored boxes infringing upon your grown-up style! What mom or dad really wants to look at those red, blue and yellow plastic bins while catching up on their favorite shows at night after the kids are in bed? Yet we all know that toys in the living room are a fact of life once you have kids.

Here are some clever ways to incorporate toy storage into your decor without sacrificing your style:
1. Storage Ottomans – Choose from microfiber, faux leather and more to match your style. For maximum toy storage you will need either two cube ottomans or a long, rectangular one. Be sure to look for lids that lift off completely or safety hinges to protect little fingers.
2. Benches with Baskets Underneath – This is great for the hall, entryway or main living room area. Keep toys safely stowed underneath the bench, which doubles as a seat for putting on shoes. This Hall Storage Bench with Baskets goes the extra mile with an additional shelf for shoes.
3. Under the Sofa – Some sofas have as much as 6” underneath them, the perfect place to slide an under the bed box for sneaky toy storage. Measure yours to see if this is a viable option for you.
4. Over the Door Shoe Pocket Organizers – Perfect if you have a hall or entryway pantry or coat closet. Use them to store small toys and stuffed animals, arts and crafts supplies.
5. Upgrade to Woven Baskets – And if all else fails, at least upgrade to woven wicker or other natural fiber or even fabric baskets. They can hold legos, markers and more just as well as plastic can, but they blend in seamlessly with your grown-up decor.

How do you deal with toy storage in your home?


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