Must Have Laundry Accessories


Keeping clothes looking their best requires a well outfitted laundry room, with everything you need to care for your wardrobe. From laundry storage to tools, there are all sorts of items that protect your clothes and make doing the laundry a little easier.

Mesh Laundry Wash Bag - Set of 2
Mesh bags are a must for washing delicate items that could easily get snagged on a zipper while in the wash. Simply throw items in, zip it up and you can wash without worry.

Laundry Folding Board by Brabantia
Ever wonder how stores get those perfectly folded shirts? The trick is a laundry folding board that helps perfectly fold clothes. Using this board helps you to fold shirts or sweaters to the exact same size so they can be neatly stacked in the drawer or on the closet shelf.

Ironing Board Holder - Holds Iron and Board
Keeping the laundry room organized is another way keep the process streamlined. The Modern Ironing Board Holder with Basket is a great storage solution for the common problem of where to keep the ironing board. Never battle with an ironing board falling out of the closet again, just use this specially designed, wall mounted rack to keep all your ironing supplies in one convenient place.

Wire Washer / Dryer Bin by MSR Imports
Storage can be difficult to add to a small space like the laundry room, but there are a number of storage solutions that provide organizational space where it’s needed. The Wire Washer / Dryer Bin has a unique design that lets this shelf hang from the side of the washer or dryer, so even in the smallest of spaces you can add storage for laundry detergent and other laundry items.

Laundry for Dummies Kit
Does your laundry routine need a complete overhaul? The Laundry for Dummies Kit has everything needed, from a collapsible hamper to an ironing board, to help outfit your laundry room with everything needed to keep clothes looking like new.

With the right tools laundry doesn’t have to feel like such a chore and you can get the most out of your favorite clothes.

Shopping Guide:

  • Mesh Laundry Wash Bag – Set of 2
  • Laundry Folding Board by Brabantia
  • Ironing Board Holder – Holds Iron and Board
  • Wire Washer / Dryer Bin by MSR Imports
  • Laundry for Dummies Kit
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